Muzzle use is a common practice at any veterinary clinic, but there are many misconceptions surrounding muzzles. Muzzles are used for both your pet’s safety and the staff’s safety. A muzzle does not automatically mean that your pet is a bad dog or cat. Your pet may be quite fearful, and the only way they know how to respond to a fearful situation is trying to bite, especially when they are being restrained and restricted from moving away.  If we have to muzzle your pet, please know that we are not judging you or your pet. 

If your pet is one of those that may benefit from a muzzle, start muzzle training at home. This takes time and should not be rushed; it is a slow and steady process. 

Below are a few great resources about muzzles and muzzle training. Remember that we are all in this together to provide the best care for your pets. If muzzling becomes a part of the visit, we strive to make it as comfortable as possible for you and your pet! 


Below are a few websites for generic muzzles, and custom made muzzles.

• Khaos Kollars
Basket Muzzles
Short Faced (Bulldog) Muzzles

Click here to learn about Comfort Packs

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