Pet Boarding Services

Richboro Veterinary Hospital Boarding Facility

Welcome to Richboro Veterinary Hospital. Our staff strives to provide the best care for your pet both in sickness and in health. Our veterinarians are available throughout the day to administer any necessary medical care during your pet’s stay. Although we make every effort to provide a stable environment for your pet while he or she is boarding, it is still an environment with which your pet is unfamiliar. We will keep your pet as comfortable as possible while providing the best medical care we can offer.

Kennel Hours

Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday

Pick-up and drop-off must be between
9:00am – 11:00am and 1:30pm – 6:00pm

Wednesday and Friday

Pick-up and drop-off must be between
9:00am – 11:00am and 1:30pm – 4:00pm


Pick-up and drop-off MUST be between 9:00am – 11:00am.


We are closed Sundays. No pick-ups or drop-offs. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Kennel Tours

By appointment only with Robin


Kennel staff is at lunch between 12pm-1:30pm. The receptionists are NOT authorized to discharge boarding animals. Please do not ask them to do so, and come during appropriate times for pick-up or drop-off


Our kennel is part of a veterinary hospital, therefore there is a veterinarian on premises Monday thru Saturday and on call Sundays for the staff if the need arises. Standard kennels are unable to treat medical problems that may arise while boarding and they are unauthorized to legally give your pet any medication that is not designated for over-the-counter use. As a veterinary hospital, we are able to dispense medications to treat your pet as long as he/she is under our veterinarian’s care. Our kennel staff is trained to know certain “red flags” that may indicate underlying disease or problems that may arise. Any observations that indicate a more serious problem are brought to a technician.

The technician will decide how urgent the problem is and whether a doctor needs to address it immediately. Please understand that we will provide levels of care that are unavailable in the standard boarding kennels. Even when a doctor is not in the building, there is a technician present during working hours that can address your pet’s problem or refer the case to a doctor on call.

FOOD: Please bring your pet’s own food in sealed containers with your pet’s name on it. You can also  pre-package the food in sealed Ziplock bags. You will be charged a hospital diet fee per day if we feed our in house food (Hills I/D prescription diet).

BOWLS: We will provide normal metal bowls for your pets, unless you have specific slow feeder bowls.

MEDICATIONS: All medications should be in their own individual bottles/boxes with directions on them. Weekly pill boxes or non-labeled containers will not be accepted. If we cannot identify what medications are being given to the animals, we will not administer them. There will also be a daily medication fee applied per day based on the amount and type of medications to be given.

FLEA/TICK PREVENTATIVES: Because we walk all dogs outside, we require all dogs to be current on flea/tick parasiticides. You must provide proof of purchase if not purchased at RVH. If proof cannot be provided, we will administer a topical or oral flea/tick parasiticide (your choice) and you will be charged for this.

VACCINATIONS: Dogs must be current on DAPP (‘Distemper’), Rabies, and Bordetella. If you are overdue by less than 6 months for said vaccines, you can receive them at time of boarding. If you are overdue by more than 6 months, you MUST receive all boosters 2 weeks prior to boarding appointment.

Same requirements for cats, except only for Rabies and FVCRP (‘Distemper’).

PUPPIES: They must be >16 weeks of age, and must have all of the aforementioned vaccines.

BEDDING: Please leave all bedding at home. We have plenty of bedding to provide to your dog. If your dog has to have special bedding for a medical reason, please let us know.
**Cats are allowed to have bedding

TOYS: Only allowed to have 1-2 toys, and if allowed to have these toys RVH is not financially responsible if your pet ingests said toys and needs medical intervention.

TREATS: No rawhides or bones that will splinter are allowed.

Pet Boarding in Richboro, PA

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