Pet Euthanasia

Letting Go Is Never Easy

Sadly, as pet owners we are often faced with the heart-wrenching decision of having a companion put to rest. At Richboro Veterinary Hospital, we want to be there for you during this painful and difficult time to help your pet be laid to rest in a peaceful and compassionate way. Our clinic offers compassionate pet euthanasia in the greater Richboro area for dogs and cats.

What to Expect

For most owners, knowing when to say goodbye is the most difficult part of having a pet put to sleep. When you come to us, we will perform a quality of life exam to help you make a decision that you feel is best for your companion. This information, combined with the advice of an experienced veterinarian, can help owners feel a bit more confident in their decision. When euthanasia is the kindest option, we place an IV catheter and administer a sedative to ensure that your pet is calm and free from anxiety and pain during the process. Once the drug has taken effect and you have had time to say goodbye, we will administer medications that stop the heart. Your pet feels no pain during this process, and you will be able to remain by their side the entire time. Once they have passed, you can either take your pet home with you, or we can arrange aftercare.

At-Home Pet Euthanasia

While Richboro Veterinary Hospital does not offer in-home euthanasia services, the following are two companies that specialize in the service. They are well known, highly trained, and can make your last moments with your loved one very special and in your own home.

Support Resources

If you are ever in need for support resources for topics such as How will I know when it's time, a quality of life assessment, grief support groups, etc, please go to the the Lap of Love website to learn more and gain access to numerous tools to help you with quality of life decisions and help for after your pet has passed.

Euthanasia for Pets in Richboro, PA

Richboro Veterinary Hospital provides compassionate pet euthanasia in the greater Richboro, Churchville, Ivyland, Wrightstown, and Newtown, PA areas.

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